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Paese: Israele

Dor Mamalia is a world renowned and celebrated dancer who won the Israeli Ministry of Culture prize for “Best Cast Performance” and received the “Audience Award” at the prestigious Copenhagen Choreography Dance Competition.

Dor Mamalia was trained at The Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company Workshop Institute. He joined the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company 2, Karl Alfred Schreiner and the Muza Dance Company. In his very rich career, he has danced pieces by William Forsythe, Jacopo Godani, Emanuel Gat, Marco Goecke, Yoram Karmi, Keren Rosenberg and Barak Marshell, among others. He also was part of Idan Sharabi & Dancers, teaching workshops based on Sharabi’s material and staged some of Sharabi’s creations with the Netherlands Dance Theatre 2, the Royal Danish Ballet and many more.

Dor Mamalia teaches workshops based on his self-developed technique, Anchor Technique, in academies and companies such as the School of Contemporary Dance Hamburg or the Linz Ballet Music Theatre. He joined the Tanz Luzerner Theatre ensemble under the direction of Kathleen McNurney in 2016 before preming his solo creation, “I Choose You” in the Stanislvasky Theatre in Moscow alongside reputable dancers such as Ana Laguna, Diana Vishneva and Aurélie Dupont.

Dor Mamalia has recently premiered his duet piece with dancer/choreographer, Dariusz Nowak, entitled, “into me, see”, commissioned to open the Jewish Art’s Festival Zurich in May 2018.