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Dance Arts Faculty > Artists and Teachers > Keren Rosemberg

Country: Netherlands

Keren Rosenberg (IL) is an Amsterdam-based Performance Artist / Creator/ developer of the Body-House method / Coach & Mentor.  As an artist, her work explores the theme of embodiment, energy, reciprocity, connection, and emancipation. She designs spaces and physically embodied rituals and creates performative experiences for humans to connect to themselves, to each other and to the universe through us. 

Her works were presented in festivals, site-specific, venues and theaters across The Netherlands, Sweden, UK, Canada, Iceland, France, China, Israel, Australia, Ireland, Ethiopia, Mexico, and Italy. 

In 2011, Keren was invited by Ohad Naharin to study the Gaga movement language and become a certified teacher. For the past 10 years she has been sharing the Gaga movement language and her method, Body-House, with thousands of people around the world, both nationally and internationally, in physical and virtual spaces, with professional performance artists, the generation of tomorrow, humans of all ages, humans of golden age and humans with different abilities and the audience members who came to witness Keren’s artistic work. Through her artistic works, workshops and coaching Keren is facilitating immersive practices that offer a unique integration between expressive arts, wellbeing, and transformation. 

Keren is artist in residence at ICK Amsterdam and is supported by the Dutch Performing Arts Fund, Amsterdam funds for the arts and culture house de Vlugt. Together with de Vlugt she is building a new community-based in the new west of Amsterdam for those who wish to step into an expressive and authentic experience within an intimate and trustful setting.