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NEXT – The international post graduate program in Italy

Next is a DAF project that redefines the standards of the artist’s educational and training process and redesigns the structure of a postgraduate program, proposing a particularly advanced path.
This is a dedicated program that offers the possibility of deepening choreographic techniques and languages through the creation, in every season, of six original works. These six premieres are made exclusively for the dancers admitted to Next, gradually staged in the “DAF Performance Series”.
A dancer of the Next program will become an integral part of the construction of a vast choreographic repertoire, contributing concretely to the development of the dynamics necessary for the conception and subsequent realization of a choreographic work.
The creation of this choreographic repertoire will be completed with a normal work plan and daily study of classical and contemporary classes. It is an opportunity and a concrete possibility for complete growth and a search for a different awareness.
Next is the proposal of a route designed to actually interpret the need for the current dance scene, where the international market, theaters, and companies require performers and artists able to communicate a real mastery of their physical, emotional and mental tools.