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Study Programme

The targeted and professionalised study that Laura Comi has provided for her students follows a didactic programme spread over eight years, referring to courses from the first to the eighth, during which academic technique and artistic preparation is taken care of thanks to a broad training comprising:

  • Dance Propaedeutics
  • Classical dance
  • Contemporary dance
  • Character dance
  • Postural rebalancing
  • History of Dance
  • Pointe lessons and men’s technique
  • Repertoire
  • Choreographic workshops

Attendance at the School is daily, from the start of the school year in September until June. During the year, students perform in choreographies and demonstration classes.

At the end of each academic year, students undergo an evaluation in order to graduate to the next course.

The teaching staff is composed of qualified professionals with extensive teaching, artistic, academic and scientific experience.

Classical dance lessons are accompanied by a Maestro at the piano.

There is a physiotherapist on the premises, who works with the teachers to facilitate the smooth running of all lessons to prevent the onset of any physical ailments.

The path of the young learners is accompanied by an English mother-tongue tutor who will progressively introduce the students to the knowledge of the language in order to enable them to study with foreign teachers and thus also prepare them for the linguistic mastery required in a real professional perspective.

Training workshops are planned with the aim of enhancing the students’ didactic and artistic experiences through encounters with other Maîtres. These workshops are also open to external students.

Who is it addressed to?

 The curriculum is aimed at children and teens in the following age groups:

Propaedeutic Course: 7 years – 9 years (both sexes)

1st Course: 9 years – 11 years (both sexes)

2nd Course: 11 years – 13 years (both sexes)

3rd Course: 12 years – 14 years (both sexes)

4th Course: 13 years – 15 years (both sexes)

5th Course: 14 years – 16 years (both sexes)

6th Course: 15 years – 17 years (both sexes)

7th Course: 16 years – 18 years (both sexes)

8th Course: 17 years – 20 years (both sexes)

Course Venue and Family Support

The classes of “DAF International Ballet School” take place in DAF Dance Arts Faculty. The spaces used for the activities extend over 1,200 square metres, with large areas reserved for dance studios and classrooms with interactive monitors for theory lessons.

In order to facilitate and simplify the management of school relations, DAF acts as an intermediary figure and possible tutor for families. From a logistical point of view, DAF management provides  tangible support to out-of-town families in the search for the most suitable school and accommodation in the neighbouring areas.

Access to the School

The School is accessed through participation in a selection process, announced by a call published annually on the website. The call also includes all the general information relating to school attendance.