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Paese: USA/Francia

For the last 28 years professional dancers from Europe, the Americas and Asia study ballet with Wayne Byars when they are in Paris. In a typical class it is not unusual to spot dancers from not only the leading ballet companies of the world but dancers working with such diverse choreographers as Pina Bauch, Mats Eck, Jiri Kilian.

Perhaps this eclectic mixture can be explained by Wayne Byars’ unique way of teaching. Over the years he has developed a method based on kinetic science, the basic principles of movement, yoga, pilates and body mind centering and most especially Alexander Technique applied to classical dance.

After completing his studies with high honors at Butler University’s prestigious dance department. Wayne Byars left the United States and came to France as a young dancer where he was exposed to not only the French style but became well versed in the Vaganova school. He danced as a soloist with the “Groupe Chorégraphique de Paris” and “Compagnie Serge Keuten” among others. Taking the best elements of each of these styles and filtered through his American sensibility he developed a personal view of ballet. Each of his classes is filled with fluid movement, quick direction changes, rapid balances yet never losing a focus on academic precison.

Dancers who study regularly with Mr. Byars report an increase in mobility, greater control of balance, increased energy and wider breadth of movement. Wayne says his greatest satisfaction comes from the many dancers who say that he has helped them to reconcile themselves with ballet.

In 2006 Wayne had the honor of being recognized as one of France’s leading ballet instructors by France “Centre National de Danse” where he was invited to present a public master class entitled “Les Grandes Leçons” to dance professionals and international media.

Mr. Byars currently teaches open class in Paris at Studio Harmonic. He frequently guest teaches in Europe.