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DAF International center for dance education-Professional training program

Born in 2009, DAF was conceived as a professional training program training system with an international scope and integrated towards everything that, alongside the study of movement and technique, can enrich the expressive-cultural training of various contemporary generations. DAF. at the same time stands as a promoter of all-round artistic initiatives by hosting projects from qualified cultural organizations, and by organizing its own events and educational initiatives, even throughout the country.
DAF’s Professional training program is the central heart of the initiative, articulated on three levels according to a program defined by age and objectives that takes into account the different needs of the students by putting in place diversified educational programs that can guarantee the highest quality result for anyone who wants to approach the artistic disciplines both with a personal interest and passion as well as professional ambition.

In just over a decade, the professional project of DAF has become a large international artistic community building creative and professional relationships with artists, theaters, and companies with the outcome of being able to have a preferential channel for its students to access different realities. In this way, through specific periods of internships, faster connections and the possibility to get to know and be known by artistic directors are created. The construction of a study plan and a unique program makes DAF a leader in Italy as a project for the education and development of the young dancer. Through a combination of organized classes and original creations made by a selection of national and international guest choreographers, who, each year, share with the students their knowledge, experience, and curiosity,
DAF is a path where students can awaken their artistic potential through work dynamics and stimulation of individual creativity combined with the realization of an intense daily process.
The many initiatives and cultural educational programs put in place by the team of professionals who collaborate within the structure, start from a common feeling: the urgency of a global humanistic and artistic education of young dancers as well as of society as a whole. The stimulus is, therefore, towards the solicitation of different projects from an overall suggestion to become aware and sensible towards the universe of the performing arts.
The concrete mission of DAF is to educate and prepare future dancers and artists with a solid base and an ability to elaborate and use the permanence in the professional project in a calm, constructive, non-competitive way. Through the encounter of a global language, creatives from all over the world can help each individual student to find their own expressive channel, and develop the possibility of expressing
one’s own dance.

DAF tools in the conception and management of its activities, DAF embraces a network system, extended to consultants, artists, and different professionals who bring their know-how for an innovative vision of the didactic-performative process that respects established quality standards. Each element of the team that makes up DAF has ensured that the project quickly became an internationally recognized training program for those who, at any level, work in the dance sector according to shared logic: in this direction, the precious knowledge of every artist, performer, and director has contributed since the beginning, and expand resources and tools available for anyone who lives their experience at DAF.