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DAF auditions represent a first meeting that goes beyond the simplicity of evaluations on specific technical and expressive qualities. This is also a moment of necessary knowledge of the mental projections, desires, and fears of those who approach a professional study program for the first time. This is a day dedicated to the discovery of the candidate’s potential and an opportunity to meet with the management of the international program. This day also includes meetings with families and teachers who are there to introduce the structure of the study program, active collaborations, professional opportunities, and the logistics needed and developed for the new lifestyle of the young people who will be admitted to the DAF project.

Access to DAF represents a choice that involves delicate and complex aspects of the personality of young people who participate in the auditions. Understanding and recognizing our young interlocutor is an integral part of the processes relating to purely technical and psycho-attitudinal evaluations. Admission to the International project requires a clear and sincere discussion between the artistic team and the candidate, to clarify as well as be able to inform and discover together the real predispositions and will to undertake this path.

Access to DAF’s professional courses is allowed only to a limited number of students selected exclusively by audition. SEND a resume or CV to the email
Tel. +39 333 3755121