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DAF in Italy has reshaped the dominant modality that saw the conclusion of its study paths for dancers as an event with the beginning and the end of a program that establishes collaboration and partnership relations exclusively in Italy with directors of theaters and international companies. A virtuous mechanism that has allowed our students in recent years to be artistically seen and known every season within DAF itself through the organization of a commission with directors of mainly European theaters.
This is a week at the end of the season where the commission has the possibility to choose who to invite through a contract or as a guest for a period of internship within the theater itself. In recent years, the number of active collaborations with theaters and companies has increased exponentially, widening the possibility of direct dialogue and being able to guarantee a clear and concrete comparison with various artistic directors. Among the projects in the network with the DAF Center, an exclusive tool stands out. A network of companies meant to allow a preferential relationship for the benefit of students that acts as an incubator for new job opportunities.

Resident company

Spellbound Contemporary Ballet

The resident company at the DAF studios, Spellbound Contemporary Ballet, is an Italian dance company that is considered one of the best expressions of contemporary dance in the international arena. It is Italian excellence that is hosted in the most prestigious festivals around the world. Expression of both an entrepreneurial and creative model in constant renewal, the company expresses a rich artistic plan combined with a dynamic vision that has strong relationships with the local and international territory.
Spellbound CB is praised extremely for the excellence of its performers and versatile choreographic vocabulary. Spellbound has a presence in the major theaters and festivals, exciting audiences in Serbia, Germany, France, Croatia, Cyprus, Thailand, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, Belarus, United States, Canada, Israel, Panama, Russia, and Korea. These characteristics place the Company among the leading Italian artistic proposals in the international arena. Spellbound is always active in projects connected with the most fertile European art scene and not only because of the extensive training programs and approach of young people to the contemporary artistic vision. Some of the most talented students of the professional project have been selected over the years as interns and are now official members of Spellbound CB.