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Students are the core of each project and of each program. They are a resource for the future. DAF undergoes a journey of mutual knowledge with the young students of the professional project. DAF is a world in the making that reveals how to manage the present by learning strategies and methods and through studying how to discover and create.

International Students

DAF believes that its students and dancers from all over the world are treasures that also create an opportunity to meet unfamiliar cultures, ideas, and various visions of life. The mechanisms for personal growth and evolution of artists draw greatly from the advantages of sharing DAF’s space with people who are sometimes culturally distant from the Italian system and, for this reason, DAF believes this creates an important opportunity for revision, reflection, and consideration of sometimes opposing points of view.
This is an important portion of life to reflect in a physical and concrete way the diversity and the richness that this produces in the human and artistic sphere. Total support and constant attention is offered to all students from all over the world with intensive help in the first period, facilitating integration with the new dynamics of life inside and outside of DAF. A dedicated office offers assistance for all the procedures related to the transfer and visa for foreign students, as well as assisting at any time and for any problem that should arise during the transfer to Italy. This office also assists with the accommodation into an apartment or other living situations and the information necessary to quickly resolve medical and logistical emergencies.