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The numerous choreographic creations produced for the students of the professional project come together as a very rich range of proposals with the signature of some of the most creative artists in the international scene. This material has allowed the creation of a real repertoire, hence the need to create within our performative space, in front of a selected audience where monthly appointments are used to observe our dancers on stage. This is a rather delicate and important tool for our students that creates the best conditions for the dance scene’s “knowledge” and its relationship with the public. The performance series is a mechanism to prepare and align all the components necessary for a future career.

International Artists

A precious human and artistic heritage have been the prerogative of the study program since the opening season of the DAF. Choreographers and dancers from all over the world who, every season, come up with original creations and teach the roots and the basics of their working method. Thanks to this continuous work of exploration and sharing, the creative process in our young dancers is nourished by a solid daily experience as a path of knowledge forms a personal vision of the world through dance.

International Artists