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A dedicated team provided for the students to assist with dynamics of adaptation, familiarization, and logistical services so that off-site students find the best way of life for the school and their new surroundings. This is a concrete contribution to a serene and assisted integration into the student’s life cycle in Italy at DAF.
For International students, DAF has created a specific personalized assistance program, to help with the accommodation in the city and into a proposed housing unit. This service can help to solve problems also related to the various aspects of medical emergencies, or problems of any kind.

For minors
In order to facilitate and simplify the management of school relations, DAF acts as an intermediary and a possible tutor for families. From a logistical point of view, the management of DAF collaborates with families to provide concrete support for the research and identification of a school and the most suitable living arrangement in the neighboring areas. The students of the Center have periodic appointments for physiotherapy medical assistance, with the relative prescription for specialistic visits on site, at settled upon costs. It is also possible to have psychological and sexological counseling, to overcome any momentary periods of discomfort, difficulties in making decisions, or even for more complex lasting situations.