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The study program dedicated to the students of the professional project is a journey of knowledge and profound transformation. The admitted students in this study plan acquire the tools to reinterpret their own motivations and begin a new life project that can develop the characteristics necessary for their future career as a mature artists.

DAF provides this as a result of incessant research work by artists, choreographers, and teachers in order to contribute to a broadening of their artistic and cultural horizons. It’s a journey precisely where the uncovered land is another aspect of themselves, a project to educate the body to work in harmony with our mental and emotional structures.

The dance program is an inclusive study plan attentive to new thoughts and new languages of dance and contemporary culture. It is designed to offer the closest and most authentic experience possible to the life of an artist in their career. In this direction, DAF has created a structured journey that brings young students closer to the perception of a real studio rehearsal where they set up and bring on stage original creations made by choreographers and dancers from the excellence of the international arena. An intercultural project, from the first day of its birth, which has been proposing an inclusive educational path that enhances the coexistence and acceptance of various forms of social and cultural diversity.

The study of various techniques, as well as the knowledge of important choreographic repertoires, create a combination of respect for authorial work, its contents, and the drive for personal research to promote a daily transformation of one’s work in the studio. DAF believes this to be the basis of critical thinking and of desire to study and research that is renewed daily.

What distinguishes this Center from the others is its training program, which finds maximum synthesis in the DAF advanced education program and Professional Training Program which are organized according to two types of programs. These courses are designed and structured to better adapt to the delicate psychophysical characteristics in the 2 different age groups.


DAF works in close synergy, as an international artistic consortium, with artists, choreographers, dancers, and teachers of international experience, each contributing with their vision to enrich and refine the artistic sensitivity of each dancer.
The relationships and connections developed are the result of a precise will to build a mechanism of real “culture sharing” where, from the beginning, students can perceive a real artistic ecosystem and the future dynamics of a future as a professional.
The process of mental opening and the expansion of one’s own different perceptual capacities linked to the study of different thoughts, languages, and styles, will represent the future basis for a dynamic contemporary knowledge free from mental barriers.
DAF works with national and international students to develop an awareness and an “artistic conscience” to face the professional relationship in any field with serenity and knowledge and also establish a mature relationship with any theater and professional company. For this reason, the training of the professional project was conceived, developed, and made unique through exchanges and collaborations with numerous artists, companies, theaters, and guest choreographers of DAF in order to offer the highest possible quality in this portion of life, where energy and real interest can be invested in the study of dance and contemporary culture.

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