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DAF International Ballet School
Artistic Director Laura Comi

DAF Dance Arts Faculty’s international project is consolidated through a programme recognised in Italy and Europe as excellence in the training and refinement of dancers. Based on a system of connections centred on the development of new ways and principles, the programme has rethought and redefined the education of young students. Through a network of artists, choreographers, directors, psychologists, teachers and performers, DAF has created a shared organic system where a contemporary interpretation of the issues and dynamics necessary for the development of artists is brought back to the centre of the curricula for dancers.

Starting September 2023, a new academic project is born, which is part of a broader development and creative research in the educational and functional field of youth. A new commitment to greater efficiency, functional capacity and educational and training effectiveness.

DAF Dance Arts Faculty inaugurates ‘DAF International Ballet School’, a professional academic course that aims to prepare children and teens who wish to train as dancers, in a competent and diversified manner. The method, research and development adopted for professional classical training have been enriched in recent years with new studies and new perspectives, especially with the awareness of the need to absorb a more comprehensive vision within the programme, in respect of methodology and didactic purpose.

Daf international Ballet School has the guidance and artistic direction of former director of the Rome Opera House Ballet School, the Etoile Laura Comi: an artist, teacher and director with a long and proven track record consolidated over the years in her artistic career. She possesses a clear vision of current teaching methods and an ability to interpret and direct professional classical training that is open to cultural and methodological influences. In the teaching programme, tradition and innovation will be balanced and integrated, the study of ballet will be implemented with additional disciplines aimed at technical, artistic and cultural development as well as prevention and maintenance of the students’ psychophysical structure. Artistic and didactic collaborations with international Maîtres will be periodically proposed to the students to complete the structure of the teaching programme, fostering an important process of integration and knowledge.