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Dance Arts Faculty > Special projects > Intra Dance Project

The Intra Dance Project is an exclusive idea for the study and knowledge of contemporary dance, conceived to overcome the concept of traditional study. This is a profound reinterpretation for the student about, and a new way of, “feeling” and perceiving space, or others, and the possibility of seeing one’s body from angles that are probably not known or not yet experienced. An ensemble of teachers and choreographers will work on the realization of a project designed, almost tailored, to develop a working method that is functional to the needs of the school or theater hosting the project. The construction of every single didactic and choreographic project is born with a goal dedicated and optimized to the type of students, establishing study modules that allow anyone to actively take part in the learning process. A learning, however, that explores the possibilities for redefining the perception of one’s “limits” in the body and in dance.
The IDP goes beyond the traditional concept of internships and creates an environment that proposes, in a series of scheduled appointments, dynamics that can contribute to a new awareness through the body. Every dancer, whether to know their potential or being able to communicate on a stage, needs to continually reformulate their own vocabulary and dance through the visceral memory of the body. The Intra Dance Project, therefore, proposes an extremely personal interpretation of movement. Through the proposed and taught materials, we proceed towards a learning process meant to progressively exclude the mind.