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From 25 to 30 June our international commission meets , as every year , this moment marks the end of a season of work, transformation and research for the students of the professional programme. Almost 200 young dancers will be busy for six days to perform 18 original creations created especially for the international program of the DAF.
We are happy to announce this year’s commission which will see

โ€ข Nanine Linning as the new artistic director of Scapino Ballet Rotterdam

โ€ข Tarek Assam director at the Nordharzer Stรคdtebundtheater

โ€ข Matthew William Robinson director at the National Dance Company Wales

โ€ข Mauro Astolfi Director of Spellbound Contemporary Ballet

Now all we have to do is wish you all a joy that frees your mind and a heart that can remind you what you can get!