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Dance Arts Faculty > Artists and Teachers > Naomi Perlov

Country: Israel
Company: Maslool Bikurei Hai Tim Arts Center

Naomi Perlov has studied dance at Bat Dor School in Israel, at Schola Cantorum in Paris, with Milton Myers in New York. She qualified with first-class honours at Benesh Institute of Choreology in 1984. In 1994-98 she was artistic co-director at Batsheva Ensemble with Ohad Naharin. She has founded The Maslool, a biennal professional program of dance at Bikurey Ha’Itim Arts Center- Tel-Aviv-Jaffa; and Deconstruction – a methodologic course for dance teachers. In 2020, she was appointed director of Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre in Tel Aviv.