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DAF revolutionizes in Italy the thought and the concrete idea of ​​the professional path of the future dancer. An academic project among the most appreciated and recognized in Europe and internationally, a unique artistic and cultural network that develops study programs in a broader perspective where the creativity of young dancers is considered a common resource that can be developed in order to a better individual and social as well as artistic economy. DAF works in exclusive partnership for Italy with important theaters and professional companies. A vital and active relationship and a preferential tool for accessing auditions, concrete support to start a professional career
Over 170 national and international choreographers, teachers and dancers have taught and created original creations for DAF students over the past 15 years.
• A unique educational program conceived through an absolute avant-garde of choreographic languages, a methodology and an intense daily work of classical and contemporary dance through constant work on the techniques, the styles of the repertoire of the most representative authors on the national and international scene, a study constantly expanded and reinterpreted thanks to the collaboration with choreographers, directors and artists from all over the world involved in the #DAFDanceArtsFaculty project. The performative aspect plays a leading role in planning the professional project. Every month, a selection of Italian and international choreographers create original creations built through a method close to the experience of a professional dancer’s creative process.
• Performances with the original works created during the season are staged from the first year , to immediately favor the meeting and the physical and emotional interaction with the audience
• DAF provides effective support and assistance to students and their families, through an office dedicated to logistical, medical and scholastic problems. A unique space and location that houses a complex of recording studios, performance spaces, large dance halls, restaurants and bars, welcoming artists and creatives from different contexts.
• Since 2020, DAF has opened its own Liceo Coreutico on its premises as a consequence of the growing need of school and extra-curricular teaching experiences linked to the educational processes . A high school which, while responding to ministerial plans, creates new perspectives for reflecting on the educational identity of artistic and dance languages.